Nick Jonas Takes Things to Another Level

Published by on September 29, 2015

Nick Jonas - Levels

Nick Jonas – Levels via YouTube

Off the heels as a wildly successful opening act for the even more successful Maroon 5 World Tour in 2015, Nick Jonas’ was ready to taking it to another “Level“.

Levels of Success

Building on the double platinum success of his hit single, Jealous, Jonas’ new song, Levels, is a pounding danceable beat with lyrical dramatics that paint a picture and not just present a song. Jonas teased fans with a 15-second promo video of the song on August 13, 2015 prior to the track’s critically-acclaimed reception on August 21.

Even though the song’s beat is driving and has vocals reminiscent of the modern sounds of Jonas’ contemporaries like Bruno Mars, it offers the perfect vehicle for lyrics that are to the point and layered with meaning (yes, in a pop song).

But What About Those Words? Let’s Take a Listen

Levels is the type of song that gets a crowd hype. The video introduced us to a Bond-esque Nick Jonas, so when he sings about going up, you’d think Jonas wants us to join in with him on livin’ it up; but by the time Jonas gets to the second verse, it’s clear that this pop-driven love song is really about how intoxicating his lady is and that what he wants to do is something new with her that neither has done before.

Nick Jonas - Levels
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