Sophie Milman, Blossom Dearie, Mezzoforte They Say It's Spring cover

They Say It's Spring
by Sophie Milman, & Mezzoforte
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They Say It's Spring Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
When I was young I lived in a world of dreams
Of moods and myths and illusionary schemes
Though now I'm much more grown up
I fear that I must own up
To the fact that I'm in doubt of
What the modern cynics shout of
Verse 2
They say it's spring
This feeling light as a feather
They say this thing
This magic we share together
Came with the weather too
Verse 3
They say it's May
That's made me daft as a daisy
It's May, they say
That gave the whole world this crazy
Heavenly, hazy hue
Verse 4
I'm a lark
On the wing
I'm the spark of a firefly's fling
Verse 5
Yet to me
This must be
Something more than a seasonal thing
Verse 6
Could it be spring
Those bells that I can hear ringing
It may be spring
But when the robins stop singing
You're what I'm clinging to
Though they say it's spring
It's you
Verse 7
If poets sing
That when a hard sympathetic
It's merely spring
Then poets plights are pathetic
Though I'm poetic too
Verse 8
They say it's spring
For lovers, there's where the lure is
That evil thing
For which September the cure is
This, they are sure is true
Verse 9
Though I know
That it's so
That my fancy may turn in the spring
Verse 10
With the right
One in sight
One can find a perpetual thing
Verse 11
Did I need spring
To bring the ring that you bought me
Though it was spring
That wondrous day that you caught me
Verse 12
Darling I thought we knew
That it wasn't spring
'Twas you

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