Louisville, Kentucky, United States
US rapper
CO coach, coagulate, coal, coalesce, coalescence, coarse, coast, coat, coax, cob, cobalt, cobble, cobra, cobweb, cocaine, cock, cockatoo, ckckerel, cockle, cockney, cockpit, cockroach, cockscomb, cocktail, cocoa, cocoon, cod, coddle, code, codeine, codger, coeducation, coercion, coexistence, coffe, coffer, coffin, cog, cogent, cogitate, cognac, coherence, coin, coke, cold, collapse, collection but collusion, colonialism, colossal, colour, colt, combustion, come, comedy, comfort, comma, commando, commerce, commonweal, communism, communication, compact, compensation and composer too. coyote is the last one i found.
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Top Songs by C.O.

The Future of Dade County

by (Feat. , , Dela, Dirt E Red, , Hennessy & )

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