Deuce Poppi

Detroit, Michigan, United States
Born in Atlanta and raised in Miami, Duece Poppi emerged from the city's violent ghettos with a lyrical gift for storytelling on Miami's hard-hitting, bass-thumping tracks. After working his way into Trick Daddy's crew, Duece finally snagged an opportunity to work with his idol--by hustle, of course. The agile 19-year-old bribed the sound engineer in an effort to get on a song Trick Daddy recorded earlier that day. After overhearing Duece spit, Trick was impressed with Duece's style and wordplay. He quickly put Duece to work at Slip N Slide Records and the rest, as they say, is history.

Top Songs by Deuce Poppi

Bout Mine

by Poppi, Duece, The Mystic, & Mystic

Bout Mine

by The Mystic, , Mystic & Duece Poppi &

Thug Like Me

by Duece Poppi &

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