Columbus, Ohio, United States
Hoo-Bangin' Records is a record label founded by Dedrick "Mack 10" Rolison. He took the name from the name of the song "Hoo Bangin'" by his group, Westside Connection. Hoo-Bangin' Records was recently released from its contract at Priority Records and Capitol Records and now signed a deal with Fontana Distribution. History: 2011 - Present: In 2011, it was announced that Mack 10 has revived Hoo Bangin'. Mack has signed a new distribution with Fontana, and revealed that he has a new lineup of respected veteran MCs, most notably Xzibit.
Biography by Wikipedia, available under cc by-sa license.

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War & Peace, Volume 1 (The War Disc)

If I Was Fuckin' You

by (Feat. & )

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