Keira Knightley

March 26, 1985

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3 years ago
The song is talking about a relationship thats gone wrong. The beginnig verses are basically talking about how the relationship
was beginning to collapse, she began to see signs, and voices all saying somethings got to change. Also how her partner didn't really notice or do anything while she was stuck in this horrible relationship he didn't seem to care hence the when "you where asleep". The chorus: The "hold on" I think its just to show how she doesn't really want to leave the relationship. "Everything coming up roses" is a common Idiom or phrase saying everything getting better after something bad, like roses coming up from the thorns. Although she says "They're not for me" (as in the roses aren't for her), all in all the chorus is saying how everything coming up roses, everything getting better for him not her. basically there next verses are saying how she left (or kicked out) of the relationship. She's stuck on the streets while he's got what he wants. Her life has completely messed up for something he has been chasing. What he's chasing could be anything, in this case (of the movie) it could either be his job/dream or him rising to fame as a pop star, or the girl that he left her for. For the line "It's me who's got to change" you can interpret this in different ways, however you wish. It could be that she has realised the reason it didn't work is her fault, maybe she feels guilty for not keeping up with him. Or it could be her saying she's got to change, can't keep waiting for him and loving him after everything she's got to look at the reality.

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