1996 to 1999
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
US rapper Amma Brown, member of Deadly Venoms
There are 2 artists with the name N-Tyce: 1) R&B/pop girl group 2) Female emcee and part of the Wu-Tang affiliated group Deadly Venoms 1) N-TYCE were a four piece R&B/pop girl group consisting of Ario Obubore, Chantal Kerzner, Donna Studds, and M'chelle Robinson. They were signed to Telstar Records and released their debut album "All Day, Every Day" in 1998. The group had four top twenty singles: "Hey DJ! (Play That Song)", "We Come To Party", "Telefunkin'" and "Boom Boom". 2) N-Tyce (real name: Amma Brown) is an American female rapper from Greensboro, North Carolina and is a Wu-Tang Clan affiliate.

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