1990 to 2000
Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain
L.A. post-punk band
P.O.L. (Parade of Losers) was one of the bands, that was signed in the wake of Green Day's and Offspring's success in the mid 90s. P.O.L. had an edgier, harder sound, though, which appeared to be influenced by both UK punk rock and American metal. While they lyrics were humorous, they could often also be considered cheesy or goofy. Musically, however, there was nothing goofy about P.O.L. as they were all very accomplished musicians and able to span a wide range of genres, which also led to their albums appearing to suffer from multiple personality disorder.

Top Songs by P.O.L.

Sometimes I'm Happy

by Louis Mucci, , Paul Cohen, Walt Weschler, Eddie Zandy, Tak Takvorian, Allan Langstaff, Sandy Siegelstein & Billy Barber

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