Aloe Blacc surprises us with a new Christmas-dedicated project under the name of “Christmas Funk” which includes his hit single “I Got Your Christmas Right Here“. Let’s find out what it means below!

The song has winter holidays written all over it with Aloe telling us in Verse 1 how special Christmas Eve is for him and how meticulous he feels when it comes to wrapping presents for his loved ones. The artist prefers to customize his gifts and even write a few words for everyone he plans on surprising for Christmas.

I Wrapped Your Gift

When it comes to that special someone, Aloe suggests that he has a special gift as well: his love and loyalty. It’s not clear if the artist actually brought something for this special person, but he seems to rely on spending some special moments together for Christmas mostly instead of that. In Verse 2, Aloe tells us that he was mesmerized the entire day, and he feels like this person is actually the main reason for the celebration during this holiday.

You’re the angel at the top of my tree
You’re a shining star
You make me feel like it’s Christmas

Aloe BlaccI Got Your Christmas Right Here Lyrics

He compares his lover to the angel on top of the Christmas tree and tells us that this person actually makes him feel like Christmas every day of the year. Last but not least, the artists tell us that his lover has the power of shinning like a star and it only makes sense to spend the holidays together.

Aloe Blacc I Got Your Christmas Right Here

After offering his praises once again on the Chorus, the artist takes a moment to enjoy the grace and the beautiful smile of this special someone while being grateful for the love he receives every day.