It looks like rapper Big Sean is calling out one of his “evil” exes – with the help of a new girlfriend, Ariana Grande – in his new song “Research.” In the songs, he raps about an ex having “evil” in their eyes and acting like a “cop” by hacking into his phone and email accounts.

It sounds like Big Sean is referring to is his ex-fiancée Glee star, Naya Rivera. Who he’s enjoyed dissing in the past – for hacking his phone and emails, but he also blasts her for try to cozy up to some of his rapper friends.

In the chorus of the song Big Sean’s current flame sings about his ex texting him all of the time:

I still have to hide, hide, hide, hide
Now you next to me at night, night, night, night
You test me all the time, time, time, time
Say I know what you like, like I did the last time
Do you remember? Do you remember?
Do you remember? Do you remember?
When you have nothing to hide, hide, hide, hide

The chorus is child’s play compared to the rest of the song, Big Sean goes on to say: You hang around too g****** long, it’s like you need work. Do you, do you, do you got a job? I mean, for real.

The rapper denies that the song is about anything or anyone specific. In an interview following the release of the song, he said:

It’s cool though, because that song isn’t about me and Ariana’s situation. So I think it was cool that she was, that we were both able to put our situation to the side and just be artists and be creative, because that’s real situations people go through, and sometimes it’s just about making music people can relate to.

Ariana Grande hasn’t made any comments about the song. As for his ex Naya Rivera, she posted a photo on Instagram with the caption “As IF!” This may be Naya’s response to the song. What do you think?

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Do you think the song about Big Sean’s ex Naya Rivera?