OK let’s play the “Nicki Minaj – Truffle Butter Ft. Drake & Lil Wayne” one more time before we tell you the meaning of truffle butter.

Great! We hope you enjoyed listening to that awesome beat and those sick lyrics by Nicki Minaj, Drake & Lil Wayne. Why? Because ignorance is bliss. That may be the last time you ever listen to Truffle Butter the same. Of course, some of you may already know what they mean by “truffle butter” but, I bet most people don’t.

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Now that you’ve seen the effect it has on people, do you really want to know?

The definition contains many expletives. Do not read this if you take offense to swearwords.

This is the meaning of “Truffle Butter” according to Urban Dictionary

truffle butter meaning
Truffle Butter Meaning on Urban Dictionary

We’re just joking around! We wanted to give you one last chance to think about this… Do you want to know for real?

You asked for it! Here is what the song is really talking about.

The Real Truffle Butter Meaning on Urban Dictionary

Who would have thought that is what it meant? Don’t worry, that’s why we are here to find the true meaning of songs. Now that you know what it means go and read the lyrics to Nicki Minaj – Truffle Butter. It’s like seeing through a new lens.