Music and music lyrics can often be a window or inspiration for deep feelings and ideas. The recently launched gives users a chance to offer their thoughts and interpretations of their favorite song lyrics in a fun, interactive and social environment. The early response from music enthusiasts has been extremely positive.

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Music lovers now have a platform where they can exchange their thoughts and interpretations with each other in a way that’s social, fun and even a bit addictive. Enter the recently launched, a new social network for music lyric enthusiasts that’s quickly gaining momentum and popularity.

Unlike other lyrics sites, that simply show the words to a song, provides a user-friendly interface that not only allows people to discuss songs by their entire meaning, but also by selected lines or quotes. With their new line-by-line lyric discussion threads, there’s a strong chance may inspire a revolutionary change in the way music enthusiasts discover the meaning of song lyrics.

Music combines the best elements of the personal and the social, and we believe having somewhere for people to share their own thoughts on songs that they connect with in a social community would develop some very interesting lyric discussions. I know the best is yet to come, but it’s already really exciting to hear the great feedback and seeing how quickly Lyreka is being embraced. As the number of people sharing their thoughts increases, the broader and more interesting the discussions become! Join Lyreka today and let us know what your favorite lyrics mean to you.

Omar Robinson, General Manager of Lyreka LLC features songs from many music styles and genres, including rock, pop, dance, country, jazz, hip hop, R&B, reggae and more. With its wide selection, tries to give each user an experience that matches his or her taste in music and the thoughts that bring out their true meaning. This is done by allowing users to follow other members of the platform who they share common interests with, and also the activities on their favorite artists, albums and tracks.

The social music lyric platform has been warmly embraced by its early users.

Emily G., a music enthusiast from New York, recently said,

“For a person who is always looking for song lyrics, like I do, Lyreka is a permanent bookmark. Not only is it a fun challenge to think about what makes certain song lyrics special and then getting to share those thoughts with others, but the social aspects of the community are amazing. Music is one of the things that helps bring friends together and I’m absolutely positive Lyreka will be a prime place for new friendships to be made and interesting ideas to be exchanged. My only problem is how addictive the site can be! Five stars and fully recommended.”

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