Black and white chess pieces
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In honor of civil-rights leader Martin Luther King, MTV will air “Reflections on Race in Black and White”. This show illustrates the state of race relations and race injustices in America’s current day while showing what race relations were during Martin Luther King’s time and how they have morphed, getting better in some ways, yet taking many step back in others.

As well as the specialized programming, MTV will literally be showing the day’s content in black and white. This is part of MTV’s #TheTalk promotion which is set up to encourage serious talks on race relations amongst families, friends, cultures and different racial and social groups. MTV has recognized the need for these conversations and for the need to give homage to the slain civil-rights leader and man of hope, love and peace.

Many guests will be speaking throughout the 12-hour promotions, among them are “Selma” director Ava DuVernay and actor David Oyelowo, the actor who bought the role of King in the movie to life.