Ricky Martin, 43, is a busy man. So busy, you might even call his life hectic. Juggling a family and a career, Martin’s new album from Sony, A Quien Quiera Escuchar, is set for release on February 10th.

Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin – The Musician

The album was created in a series of studio visits that Martin scheduled between judging The Voice Mexico, and The Voice Australia, playing 30 performances, a collaborative clothing line launch, and being a single dad to his 6-year old twin boys.

The World Traveling Family Man

Family is Ricky’s top priority, and when recently asked if he leaves his children at home, in Puerto Rico, when he travels for work, Martin was adamant about the importance of bringing his children with him. For Martin, he works better with his children around. Besides, according to Martin, his children were born on tour, they’re used to touring, and they are warriors who don’t know any other way to live. For Ricky and his boys, being together, whether on tour or at home, is the best stability they could have.

A Family Business

Ricky is known to run song ideas by his boys, and the second single from his album “Disparo al Corazon” was the song his boys kept singing. So, it’s possible they had something to do with the release of the song as a single.

It’s been almost ten years since Ricky’s last English-language album, The Cup of Life, was released. And during that time, Ricky has seen the success of Spanish language albums and realized that language is no longer intimidating to his global fan base. For Ricky, Spanish is a language that relates to all people. There are no barriers.

Advocate for Gay Rights

Just as he does in his music, Ricky Martin expresses his support for human rights. He sings of loss and love, and understands these are themes common to all humanity. Martin believes equality is inevitable, and as he waits for the Supreme Court to uphold the legal rights of equality for everyone, he will continue to create music that supports everyone’s right to love, be loved and live life freely.