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Is It Love

Dec 4, 2010

Is It Love Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Maybe one day
I'll find a way
To make you say what you want to say
I'm hopin' you'll be
Da one that I see
And da one that I need
Verse 2
Now I'm gonna try, to make you feel da things that I feel inside
Now maybe you'll cry
But with you I just can't lie
Verse 3
Wooh wooh
Tell me now what you want from me baby
Wooh wooh
Is it love that you want from me baby, yeah
Verse 4
Tell me please
I'm on my knees
So I can set my mind at ease
There's always a way
To make you say
That you want to stay
Verse 5
Now just let me know
If I'm da one for you just let me know
'Cause I want to be
The only one that you see
Verse 6
Is it love, is it love or romance
Or a trick to keep me in a trance
Take it on like da moon around da world
I'm just a fool for you girl
Verse 7
Come down and don't keep me around
Take a trip with da sound
I want to let you know I'm not a fool for you
I will show you what you need to do
Verse 8
Boom! My heart is pumpin'
And just for you it is jumpin'
I want to take you here, want to take you there
Everyday we'll be humpin'
Verse 9
One time two times, tell ya
Gimme gimme your love and I'll hold ya
Make up your mind 'cause I need to know
Where to go

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