311 Grassroots cover

by 311
Lyrics and Meaning

Jul 12, 1994

Grassroots Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I flip when I kick it trippin' it
So I can check shit, not in a daily style
But once in every while, so I can
File check, file check the files of my brain (brain)
Many of meaning manage to come from the insane
And the butcher (huh?), the baker (what?)
The fabulous drama maker
A cracker on a truck goin', "breaker, breaker"
Listen to everyone (uh huh), then disregard it
The meaningful shit comes back, back to where it started
In your cranium surrounded by pot like a geranium
A capital 2 burns in my mind, give me some (peace)
I looked at her I looked at him and neither one did know
Where the wild thoughts grow, check it out
Verse 2
I look for absolutes and there absolutely none
The truth is what you shoot for, not one
Nothing brings it all together, the journey's never done
I'd sing you "Stormy Weather," but it's been sung
So let's have some fun
311 has grassroots, we warned ya
311 has grassroots, true
311 has grassroots for your money
311 has grassroots
Challenge comes and goes, and there will be another
I say bring it on
The roots that grow underground are as big as the tree
That you see, if not, it will fall down
We waste so many moments standing on convention
The only survey is when our heart pays no attention
Verse 3
Yada, yada-da-da, oh
Verse 4
Move with persistence, cover much distance
Knowing no perdition, that's my game for instance
311, true to no tradition
And the 311 crew not down with convention
But a hundred different people already told what we about
So I make not attempt to try and suss the stupid out
I'd turned into a roughneck, that was not my intention
It doesn't even really matter unless I fail to mention that
Peace to all crews that want some peace
First the Mid then the West then we slide through the East
A piece to any crew that wants a piece
But peace to all crews that want peace
Check it out
Verse 5
Verse 6
Ee-da-da-day, ee-da-da-da-da-day
Ee-da-da-day, ee-da-da-da-da-day
Knowing no convention, no convention

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