WUT Lyrics Meanings
by 4FATE
ft. JxstChris

WUT Lyrics

(What, what, what, what
What, what, what, what
What, what, what, what)
Got a baddie from the A
Tryna' take her to LA
But I ain't talking about Atlanta, bruh I'm talking ATX
I done showed her all my ways, and I told her put it on my face
And I ain't fucking with no old hoes or an ex
I don't ever wanna lie, I be trying to keep it real
Too much crazy shit I seen, now I'm really trying to heal
I ain't ever trying to lie, so just tell me how you feel
Trying to get it on my own, I ain't ever trying to steal
And sometimes I'm too locked in, I don't got no time for meals
Spin spin spin spin but I ain't talking no wheels
And this shit it get too static, I ain't talking even talking eels
And just hit me up if you tryna work and we might just have a deal
Uh uh
I ain't wanna crack that seal
Pop that perc, I love that feel
And her guts, she love that feel
I got niggas down to kill
Bitch I'm on that boy he new
He gonna rat, that boy gonna squeal
Pop that perc I'm feeling high
She told me I'm way too fried
Two opps sin and they both died
I got murder on my mind
This not my bitch, this just my side
We gonna fuck from time to time
She the Bonnie to my Clyde
She got murder in her eyes
Me and fate gonna kill this bitch
Seen the opp, pulled out that stick
Walk him down, like who is this
Stomp him out, I killed that kid
Walk up in there with my blick
We gonna shoot out where he live
He want smoke, like who is this
She gonna fucking suck the dick
(What, what, what, what
What, what, what, what
What, what, what, what
What, what, what, what)

Writer(s): Jxst Chris, Steve Rodriguez
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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