On & Off

On & Off Lyrics Meanings
by 4k Hasaan
ft. Antonio Lee Jr


On & Off Lyrics


We been on & off, girl I hate to really say it
But I been thinkin bout you, wanna see you every minute
And baby your my drug, swear you get me high
Just kick ya feet up, baby Its gone be alright

Just tell me that you need me... as much as I need you
I know you wanna see me... girl I jus wanna please you
(Please you)
Ring round ya finger, baby thats a promise ring
And Im slippin on ya crown, ima make you my luh queen

When it come down to you, you get anything you like
Swear I think im fallin' hard, wanna see you every night
(Baby Girl)
Girl you know that ill provide anything
Baby ima get you everything

Aye, Promise whateve' we talk about I'll never tell
And if they see us out in public baby oh well
That nigga say he gettin' money but his shit don't sell
I treat you just like my luh thugga, buy you YSL

You postin' me, im postin' you, so they know wasup
I let 'em see I make you smile, ion give a fuck
Got my attention, told you "I'll never leave you"
I let them other bitches notice you not see through

Seen ya face you wasn't feeling me
You spent some time & now ya feeling me
See baby girl it is clear to see
That your the only one for me

So whatever you need from me
If I got it you know it's yours
But for you I'll go to war
For you I'll travel, you live far

We've been on and off lately
No what happens you know you'll be my baby girl

Just tell me
How you feel bout me
I know that you in love with me
I know you'll do anything for me
Cause you are the only one I need
Cause your only one for me

We together with no title babygirl let's go official
Every time I don't see you baby girl you know that I miss you
Tell me why we on & off like a light switch
We made a promise, not together we'll never switch

Hey there
(Hey there)
Stay there
(Stay there)
I want you & you want me, yea its true
(Yea she kno)

Me & you
(Me & you)
Like number two
(Like number two)
When Im alone Ima always call you
(Call you)

So now Im hittin' up ya phone, do you remember...
About the times we shared?, girl you got me reminiscing

I sing about ya basically the reason I write
They cant compare to ya baby, so they gotta take flight
(Take flight)

I always think about you, baby let me tell you
Bout it
Stay on my mind, lets rewind, hopin' you don't doubt it
I always want you in my lane, that's if you allow it
Im tryna show you that i'll love you, that's if you allow it

Loosen up baby why you so aggressive?
I swear your stuck in my head, your excessive
Berkin bag, spoil you cause I care
Ain't no one like me cause Im rare

Writer(s): Antonio Jr, Hasaan Jenkins
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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