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Verse 1
Yeah, ladies and gentlemen
I'll like to thank you all for coming out tonight
It's my third album, third tour, third time's a charm
Verse 2
Girl when I go, I really like it
When you roll with me, I got doe,
The-kinda-paper-you can-blow with me,
And babe I know, that money ain't everything,
But its for sure, you pay for nothing
When you fuck with me, when I go
Verse 0
Follow my lead, baby I could be all you need, if you follow my lead
Follow my lead, I'll hold you down put your trust in me, baby follow my lead
Follow my lead, I think god made you for me, follow my lead
Follow my lead, I'm the one girl in time you'll see
If you follow my lead
Verse 3
Don't listen to the rumors they say 50 fuckin' crazy
50 don't know how to treat a lady
They wrong, I like you a lot I don't wanna hurt you
But I call a square a square and a circle a circle
So if you act like a bitch, I call you a bitch then hang up
Probably call you right back and shit
And I have to say baby I apologize, cross my fingers god forgive me for
Tellin' lies
Like Janet Jackson say "I miss you much, I really wanna feel your touch"
And smell your scent, baby I could pass the day, watchin' you model lingerie"
I wanna spend the night tonight shorty if its okay
You can be my beyonce I'll be your jay
Ha ha
I gotta great sense of humor, first I'll make ya smile then I whoo ya!
You know how I do ya, or do ya?
Verse 4
Verse 5
After seven hours new york, to London,
You wonderin' whats gonna be the next stop
I told you, im'a don you gonna know I'ma don
After you shop 'till your feet hurt in Milan
Now take a picture these are moments you can cherish
They say the scene of me was made for lovers out in Paris
Ask a fan about me they say "50 we love 'em"
Without them, there's no me so I love them
Man their the reason I exist, the reason I insist
I'm never less then the best so perfection I guess
That's why niggas are stress'd, I'll pass the test
Every time I drop, I'm burnin' hot
So I don't care if she loves me or loves me not
As long as I enjoy the time that we spend
I ain't lookin' for commitment, we could fuck and be friends
Matter fact we can do it right in the back of my Benz
I get it done with speed
Verse 6

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