Never Write Back

Never Write Back Lyrics Meanings
by 9Letters


Never Write Back Lyrics

(Never write back)
Nigga fuck the price tag
Ima get it right back
Hit her phone but she never write back
(She never write back, lost my heart I hope I never find that)
Ima get it right back, hit her phone but she never write back

Demons jumping they like nigga fight back
Spend a dub cuz ima get it right back
Coppin shit nigga fuck the price tag
Hit her phone but she never write back (She Know)
OK. Nevermind that (She Know)
Everything that I spit is a Fact (Nino)
Alotta these niggas cant relate to that but (Nino)
Oh well I guess the Cat's out of The Hat


Lemme sing to you
And im like what did I mean to you

Man I hit her like a fucking free throw (Nine El)
One thing she know is Nino

Don't know much much about that, but I do know that she threw it back
Thats yo bitch? Man i didn't know that (MmMmm)
Man I didn't know that
Hit her on Thursday no throwback
But I do know that she love to throw-back (She Know)
It's the 9 Letter Gang you should already know that (She Know)
Lost my brother I can't get bro back
That's why I been searching where the dope at
Been at my lowest i'm not tryna go back (oh oh)
And I never gave a fuck you should already know that (oh oh)
She Ain't want me, Until I had a show (Talk ju)
She Ain't want me, till she seen I hit the road
(It's the Letter)
Guess that's just the way it goes
Play my song on her stereo (It's the Letter)
They be like, there he go
It's The Letter Gang (Nine El)
In the stu like everyday (Nine El)
With ya bitch and yeah she pay (Nine El)
Played with her just like EA
Accept my apology
I just throw up my J's, man I wish it was another way
I guess 9 L's my thang (Letter Gang)
L's my gang
I guess 9 L's my thang (Letter Gang)
Well they didn't die in vein
(V's Up)
Ima make sure they aint die in vein
(J's Up)
Do you hear what im sayin, on this mic I aint doing no playin
I aint Doin no playin
Fuck, I fucked that part up fuck, that was good keep that keep that keep that

Writer(s): Justin Ross
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Never Write Back Meanings

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