A Perfect Circle Weak and Powerless cover

Weak and Powerless
by A Perfect Circle
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Sep 15, 2003

Weak and Powerless Lyrics

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This one perfectly describes the overwhelming need an addict feels to obtain their drug of choice. "Someone feed the monkey while i dig in search of China white as Dracula as i approach the bottom" references a heroin/opiate addicts tireless endless need for the drug. China white is aka fentanyl or a very pure form of heroin. "Tilling my own grave to keep me level" refers to an addict knowing they are killing themselves slowly, but they need the drug to just get by, to feel 'normal'. Getting high is no longer the objective. Feeling normal and staving off dope sickness/withdrawal is now the number one priority. Great song that has a very foreboding message. Trust me, I've been there. - Comment by wxruss8 2 years ago

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