NEVER GAVE UP Lyrics Meanings
by Aaron Loc


Never gave up

Verse 1

Think of the day when I walked in the club
Everybody looked so beef up
Lace on the gloves nobody showed me love
I had to put my heads up

Never laid an eye on this yellow guy
All they gave me was a screw eyes
Just walked pass by looking horrified
Said don’t bother apply

So I asked them why can I have a try
Everybody laugh out with cry
So they jump in the ring told me come on in
Smiling with a big grin

1 2 3 hit me on the chin
I start to feel my head spin
4 5 6 right back on the chin
I felt my jaw caved in


I never gave up my place
Cause we from a different race
Even tho I got chinned in the face
I never felt disgrace

I gave my try never try disguise
Calling out with a big out cry
Walked out the ring with a big bulls eye
The feeling felt so high

2nd Verse

I had a dream I will redeem
I’ll come back in the ring with a big big scream
I’ll tell you now it aint no wet dream
You all might think I’m being extreme

Time will tell if it’s life or hell
I ma say farewell or be a bombshell
I lay the ground with a big stairwell
Intention is to propel

I called it a wrap aint gonna fall in your trap
All you tryna do is make me handicap
I’m not the guy gonna pull out a strap
Time will show man a big death cap

Think I ma quit man your so damn thick
24/7 to get fit
Man gonna show you I’ll be outwit
You all will show me a permit

3rd verse

6 month gone I fell so strong
You all must think I’ve been prolong
128 pounds where I belong
Now I’ am come with my head strong

Here I come & jump in the ring
I own this space I feel like a king
I’ll show you all I aint no ching a ling a ling
I’am like you all another living thing

(Repeat chorus)

(Repeat 3rd verse & chorus

Writer(s): Phi Hung Loc
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Kanjian Music
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind


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