Peace & Harmony

Peace & Harmony Lyrics Meanings
by Abdul-Haqq


Peace & Harmony Lyrics

Green grass barbecue sipping lemonade
Remember days kicking back with the renegades
Eliminate, been knowing that you really fake
I'm a boss boy putting number in your face

It's no debate though
Shoutout no cookie cookie they can bake though
Up in the kitchen deep frying egg rolls
Everyday we be mobbing on the metro

My life foreign I might have ti switch to pesos
Your life is boring I might let you ride the wave though
Back to back I am always ready to attack
And I ain't worried about nobody God got my back

I know you don't want the truth though,
But it get hot in the booth woah
I swear really this is the truth though,
But it get hot in the booth woah,
Woah woah woah

Spinning records countin' seconds
Askin' questions, 'creasin' tensions
But none of it really ever ever worth the mention
All the shit i'm sayin' is to gain your affection
Gain' your attention
If I had money that shit is without question
Ashin' joints but what's the point
If we ashes, i'm just being passive
Captive in the system with the masses
So pour your glasses get distracted
Get yo' mind expanded
Forbidden fruit is planted on this planet
Pass to the left even if your right handed
So high I ain't even landed

They say ohhh cuz we can shoot some baskets
They say no when we hold up the blackfist
But where they go when they shooting up the masjids
This a kufi so you know I'm not capping
They say aye they in love with our fashion
They say hey cuz our songs got em snapping
Sharing our comedy yeah we got em laughing
But our girls stolen in the streets kidnapping
But now they silent like what the hell happened?
This world is getting hot, fold you, here's a napkin
But we need degrees, pedigrees and passion
We gotta escape the hood and cop some new accents
Systemized to be jailed or pistol packing
They rather see rotten in the streets like some has-beens
Yeah we black but your hearts blacken
Why we kill each other on some sad shit
Like both our great great grandma didn't weave baskets
Why we beefing when both are mommas cook catfish
We need to come together under the blackfist
Hide the hood and lets become maskless
We used to be dogged and hosed for taking action
You with your dogs chasing hoes and trapping
The system is a cycle and they got us trapped in
Need to free our mind and set up our grand kids
Monstrous flow out the deep we gotta get Kraken
We from the bay where our culture made it happen
Cold Like Dre left over seran wrap rapping

I know you don't want the truth though
But it get hot in the booth woah
I swear really this is the truth though
But it get hot in the booth woah
Woah woah woah

Writer(s): Abdul-Haqq, Ibrahim Twist, Suliman Sabir
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Peace & Harmony Meanings

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