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We going reign forever my nigga

My life's a movie haters fans
You can't relate won't understand
Never took a stand for nothing
Probably took the stand for something
Niggas fronting I started wyling
A nigga was hurting
No shoulder to lean gotta lean on something
Lean and perky sometimes with my bros
Family turned their backs so family turned to bros
Overtime friends to foes
When you're getting to the dough
Still love them niggas though
Foreign nigga with a flow
Bombay with the hoes
Rest in peace Osito
You showed a nigga love
So forever we're migos
Dealing with my brothers
I try to kill my ego
If anything is possible
Need a bitch like She-Go
Where I go she goes
Had to fuck with the plug
I was down to zero

Use to trap to Purple Reign
Not a dollar so ashamed
But a bitch she gimme brain
Oh lord
Trap or die with my bro
Then he changed
But he'll probably say the same
It's some shit we can't explain
When a nigga out here trying to get it anyway I can

When she say she'll fucking die for me
I told her don't do that
She say she'll fucking cry for me
I told her don't you cry
These bitches wanna ride for me
I told her baby ride
I told her baby ride the dick
I told her baby ride

She suck on the dick like got no manners
She's a bad lil bitch so she do what she wanna
We fucked then we smoked marijuana
Do it first now that boy wanna falla me
Told that boy he don't wan no wahala
I do what I wanna
These niggas they wanna be
I'm all bout a gualla that's currency
Bad bitch on my dick yeah that's currently
She swallowed the dick up with Hennessy
My brother he switched up e mona me
I told that little bitch we just mona mi

My eyes playing limbo
Too hot in the streets told bro he gotta law low
Devil in a dress gimme halo
El Chapo el gringo
My mind on my Pesos
Rest in peace my abuelo
Roll a blunt just to let it go
See your face when I'm blowing smoke
They took bro he ain't get to grow
I fucked his bitch she ain't tell me no
Say she love me then she let me go
Had to let it go
Couple plugs in my celli phone
They happy a nigga home

Writer(s): Archibald Sevalie
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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