Adele Astaire Hoops [From The Band Wagon] cover

Hoops [From The Band Wagon]
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Verse 1
We live on the Rue Marceau
Vingt-et-un le numéro
Verse 2
We play in zee Park Marceau
Everyday it's there we go
Verse 3
We do things Mama don't know
She too busy with her beau
Verse 4
And everyday we hop and skip
And fight and jump and fall down
Verse 5
We don't care how bad we are
We only get a call down
Verse 6
After school how ?
And we do not give a good big damn
Verse 7
We play 'oops et ra-ra-ra
Et rat-tat-tan
We bump into zee big fat man
We play 'oops in the park all day
Verse 8
Mama, she scold, she say, "Eh, eh, eh!"
You mustn't knock over the gentleman with the whip
Verse 9
And we play 'oops
And we write words upon big fence
For only forty malipense
All day long we play avec les 'oops

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