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Main line Lyrics

Seeing pain everyday of my life
I know nothing but the struggle
Lord I been through hard times
Because of you I survived
From out the gutta I rise
I can't fear in my eyes
I constantly fight with my pride
I keep it close when I ride
Cause everyday people die
Can't even trust the police
Lord can you pick up the line
We need healing in life
I need some personal time.
A one on one you and I
I'm fighting thoughts in my mind
It's been so long since I cried
I'm so emotionally exhausted
I wanna scream at the sky
But I just kneel down and pray
Release these tears from my eyes
I give it all to you lord
I Know this battle not mine
Lord I need some peace in my mind
So many fails after trys
I don't know why I keep trying
Can't show this pain that I hide
I'm feeling like david ruffin
I need the rain for my eyes
I'm so ashamed of my flaws
Lord I don't pick up the line
But it emergency Jesus
I'm just asking for time

On a solo drive my gun with me
Smoking trees getting high
I feel my mind drifting
I'm catching numb feeling
Looking at my eyes
Through my reflection
Like now i get it
They got hard feelings
I gotta a broad vision
I stay hard step stepping
I'm just all business
Ain't no broad in me
On my job really
I'm so authentic
I'm a boss in it
Who gon stop deme
I can't stop winning
You don't rock with me
Well get lost pimpin'
I want all digits
I'm so far from finish
Had a hard beginning
That's my heart up in it
Working hard to get it
They can't stop this business
Pinching all these pennies
Just to feed my kiddies
Something like ali in his pride
The drive with the Determination with it
I got too much on my mind
But enough up on my plate
Holding hope and building Faith
God gon always make a way
In solitude I gotta pray
Calling on God on everyday
Still living with the pain
Trying to find another escape

As i pray to you father
I need your righteous healing
Thank you for opening up my Eyes
I thank you for forgiveness
I come in with these heavy Burdens
And When I leave I'm lifted
I always run to lord
When I feel like they indifferent
You send me signs just to warn Me
To let me know I'm slipping
You are the first to correct me
When you know I am tripping
Lord just catch me when I fall
Come lead me when I'm lost
Correct me when I'm wrong
Please fix my heart cause it's Broke
Give me strength to bare it all
Help me stand up when I crawl
Wipe my tears whenever Fall
You always answer when I call
Sometimes I feel ashamed to Call
But you love me with flaws and All
So I give you my heart and soul
God I know I'm not alone
When I say that I need you Now
Lord this world has got me Down
Plus it's been so hard to smile
Since my mama not around
I keep seeing lil kevin smile
I can't believe how life turnt
Lord I need your fence around Me
Thank you for the time and Talk
Sincerely your humble child

Writer(s): Demetrius Perry
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Main line Meanings

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