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Well look who's finally back
Conscious; someone finally woke up
I'm hoping I knocked some sense into you or something
You know I rapped your last song for you, right?

Back then I really tried to changed
Back then they didn't know my name
All of those times you let escape
All of those times you in my face
Grow to myself and say I'm great
Oh that's the deep voice, what he say
Telling me this and that shit for days
People wanting me dead so I gotta stay
That's facts (What the fuck)

So you think you got a point to prove?
Well there's nothing I can show and lose
I just been doing shit I join to choose
and I been doing shit I wanna do
But everybody leaving, how bout you?
I don't wanna hear you talk again
You been ruining friends
Already know that you fuck up my chance
Feet been blistered enough, like I'm running on glass
But I know they downgrading to less of a man
I wonder if you talking in new shit
But your presence is a nuisance
It would be a present for you to just get away
And stop saying that you didn't do shit
Getting myself out this hole that you dug me in
And you still look at me like I'm clueless
Sometimes you turn away thinking you don't know
About time I can give you my two cents

So what you wanna talk about
Cuz every day you seem to walk around
With that smile looking upside down
So why the long face, why you frown?
Is there something that I don't know bout?
A lil bit, you should know by now
I hate these mumbling motherfuckers who love the all the talking shit
They sounding real toxic when they open they mouth (Damn)
Their ego's all high, so I'm knocking em down like
Huh, my smile wander away
I wonder if you come back for a second, like what the fuck you gotta say
I just don't say anything, cuz that sound weak with that shit that I take
I only flex about making this money to pleasure the people who giving me plays
Now you just riding their wave
Please get the fuck out my face
You just go behind my back
You in the grass, we killing these snakes
Got 4 Ks for a video, so the quality be looking great
My mind racing in the studio, I been taking way too many breaks
I have to keep on asking, like

Want do you want from me
I been keeping you company
If you don't wanna talk to me
Then communicate
Don't try running off on me
Gotta get to the top of your own mountain
I'll push you up when you're calling me
But all I get is to fall back down
You pushing me off out of honesty

I'm tired of running and hurting my feet
I'm tired of ruining all my shoes
I'm tired of having to leave them behind
I'm tired of chasing after you
I guess they was right about what they had said
I gotta be careful who I choose
I know you gon run off and have all your fun
Cuz I know he thinking that he cool
I been thinking enough
Cuz when I walk around you try talking tough
You calling me bad but I'm calling your bluff
And they wanna say all this shit so wassup
No we not the same cuz I keep it a buck
Your problems always seem to motivate you
But you still never getting shit done
Tryna paint me as the bad guy
But you making it sound hella dumb

So I guess we found out how you really feel
Now are you gonna bottle that up, or are you gonna use it to your advantage?
I wanna see you make it
Let's go

Writer(s): Aidan Vaughn
Copyright(s): Lyrics © O/B/O DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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