SHOELACE Lyrics Meanings
by Aidan Vaughn

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And I find it difficult to get along with people who don't know that they have it
People who come on that they're all sincere, all good, all pure
Bore me to death and scare me

Why you tripping, tie your shoelace
You sounding hella two-faced; I got LV on my suitcase
Know I be on my phone call, I sent it out on Tuesday
Receive it back tomorrow; I'm on it never too late
I hope that you'll be thinking about me on every new date
Cuz every time I think of it, you steady playing two games
Put that controller down cuz that game over screen is too redundant
My money is too abundant, I might just go head and cop a new place

That top spot, smile on your face, touché
But I saw you in a daze smiling with him, so he got popped
Drop top, fucking up my visuals so kick him to the curb
Yeah we saw him so we send him where the block's hot
Stop all of that talking in your clique, make me sick
Sad excuse for a love song, nah you is not no big shot
That big pop go off, man that shot was heard around the world
You can't connect to me no more, so find a different hotspot

I might go and buy a Birkin, make your bitch mad
New relations, different places, that's a mismatch
You in a new relation, just come give my shit back
I'll skip a couple episodes, no I won't miss that
All of that shit talking, spreading all that big cap
But since those days were over, been making big cash
Big bags I got in the palm of my hand, this shit stacks
Running up these checks, I ain't chasing you, I just kick back

They been wilding, talking shit like they been bout it
Might go buy a lil boat, drive to that big island
Got that necklace, copping stones now they big diamonds
Played my cards right, I'm that ace in that big piling
Playlist at a young age, yeah I been flying
Flying in from LA, numbers on big mileage
Find your name in google, yeah bitch I'm still typing
They wanna hit my line, I bet they still trying

Because they- they're unconscious of themselves
And therefore they suddenly do terrible things
Without warning either to themselves or to others
They make promises that they're never going to fulfill
Because they want to talk "right"
And so if I do business with someone who is not really aware that he's a rascal
He is impossible to do business with

Writer(s): Aidan Vaughn
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
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