Albert Collins Cash Talkin' (The Workingman's Blues) cover

Cash Talkin' (The Workingman's Blues)
by Albert Collins

May 3, 2006

Cash Talkin' (The Workingman's Blues) Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Well I walked down to my bank, just to see what I could see
I asked the man behind the desk, I say "Ah, is there any money for me?"
Now he didn't know just what to say
I say, "I need that money in a terrible way!"
Now he didn't say "yeah" but he didn't say "no"
He just shook my hand and showed me the door
Verse 2
Oh Lord, the blues is killing me
Oh Lord, Lord, Lord, these blues is killing me
Yes sir
Verse 3
Now my wife loves money and it bothers my mind
She runs to the store and she buys, on time
T.V's, radios, stereos and I got all kind a princess phones
A one of these days, y'all, I think they all gonna be gone
Verse 4
My baby need clothes, my wife needs a car
It's a wonder y'all ha, I got this far! Hey!
Landlord knocking, and he wants some rent
Now I'm looking for the money that my wife just spent
Verse 5
Oh Lord, um-hm, the blues is killing me
Oh Lord, Lord, Lord, these blues is killing me
Telling ya
Verse 6
Tax time, ain't nothing but a mess
Paying Uncle Sam more an' I'm getting less
The poor stay poor and the rich stay rich
An' I'm right here in the middle
Now ain't that a.....!
Verse 7
Barely gettin' by, makes me mean
'Cause the politicians I'm payin', are livin' real clean
Step down Mister Politician, and live like I do
I want you to know, the workin' man blues
Verse 8
Oh Lord, oh Lord, these blues is killin' me
Oh Lord, Lord, Lord, these blues is killin' me
Verse 9
Payin' these taxes worry me to death...
Verse 10
Buyin' new T.V's an' radios an' stereos...
Verse 11
Baby needs clothes...
Verse 12
Wife need a old car to get around in...
Verse 13
Oh it's a bitch bein' po'...
Verse 14
I say it's a ___!1, bein' po...
Verse 15
Now ain't that a bitch?
(Boy it's rough, I'll tell ya)

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