delusional lane

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delusional lane Lyrics

Typical typical
Always atypical
Loner a loser
My Feelings residual
Smoking and toking
Until its habitual
Stick in the mud
Must be
Growing some tentacles
Feel like I'm under a rock
Stuck in the house
Who busted the locks
Dreaming of days
That never would come
Riding on bikes
Out in the sun
Homie I got you
Never run out my funds
Posted in ridden house square
Out with the clique
Nothing compares
It's just a flick
I'm well aware
A pic in the mind
Of these feelings I bare
Life that I'm living
Has never been fair
Waiting and watching
For someone to care
I sit alone
Just me in my lair
Cater a past
I think is fair

Growin up with mommy
And daddy
A brother who love me
At church on a sunday
My granny would hug me
I'd sing in a choir
The latest atiar
Inspire the kiddies,
Like my name was Micky
I'd sip on some whiskey
Until I get dizzy
I'd act like a hippy
Get high with the trees
Mystical secrets
They whisper to me

Hang with my bros
Run from my woes
Hit up a show
Then we get buck
Cherish my luck
Smoke and get crunked
This what I want
Is this what I want?
Vicariously living
Delusional grandeurs
And blunts
And saving the runts
I feel like a dunce
I'm stuck in my dome
Don't got a home
Don't got a home

I want a life to myself
I need some good mental health
Sick of just flying this kite
Waiting for lightning to strike
Hoping that God make it right
Flipping my pillow at night
Cause I'm sweating bullets
like light
Wish I could fade out of sight

I'm all alone
I'm all alone
Became my new home
But I suppose
If I just rose,
Above and beyond
These sorrowful cries
Take the first steps
That would suffice
The need to just purge
and destroy
The man I've become
Hollow a shell
That's vacant and numb
Polish an ego
The size of my thumb

Caught in the haze
Averting my gaze
The path that I walk
Twist like a maze

Stuck in a loop
Of saying I'm fine
No I'm not fine
I'm dying inside
And loosing my mind to boot
Apple that falls
Is close to the roots
Might chip a tooth
Clawing my way
Out of this mess
I'm Tryin my best

I'm getting sick
Of living for others
Who pay me no mind
I will admit
I have been wasting my life
Acting as if I am blind
But I predict
That I'll stop stalling
And find a way up
And out of these binds
Yes I'll attempt
To live in the moment
I'll own it and hone it
Yes I know
I'm finding my light tonight
Fight the plight
Future truly worth living
This life despite
Hard ships sailing my way
To crash delights
In the heights
Holding my tongue
Miranda rights
Talking less
Smiling more
Finding paths
Truly worth dying for
This my major chord

Writer(s): Stephone Collins
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

delusional lane Meanings

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