Hold On
Hold On

Hold On Lyrics Meanings
by AlmighttyHuncho

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Hold On Lyrics

Yeahhh (Brrtt)

(Duhh) AlmighttyHuncho nigga (Big Huncho)

Bossgang Bodygang see an opp paint a grave
I'm scared of reality (What's The Reality?)

Hold On (Hold On)


(Just Hold On)

I just need you to hold on a little longer there's kids out here dying right now this shit real
(Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep I Pray The Lord My Soul To Keep,
If I Shall Die Before I Wake I Pray The Lord My Soul To Take)

He ain't wanna die they was shooting dice they was playing Hi-Lo (They Was Playing HI-Lo)
Now he gonna die from shooting dice he got hit with a hollow (Gllltttt Boaww)
His momma filled with sorrow (Sorrow), Watch them tears gone follow
But the streets don't care Ain't shed a tear you forgotten by tomorrow (So For Real)
Chopper gone sing that's a high note (High Note), Stream this shit on tidal (Go Stream It)
No I'm not from Chicago (Uh-Uh), But I got this .45 Michael
I ain't no killer but if I squeeze this trigger you gone think I'm psycho
I love my niggas and when I get bigger we gone ball like the finals (Gang)
His mood changed his hat low now he little Bryson Tiller
And the way he tote that hammer that's little Bob the Builder
No legs shots just head shots yeah that boy a killer (Boaww)
If he get mad he gone shake the room something like Matilda (Brrtt Duhh)
And my niggas know I'm street I hope they never cross me (Don't Cross Me)
None of my niggas wanted to teachers but it's some shit they taught me (For Real)
And my niggas know I'm street I hope they never cross me (Gang)
I'm just tryna make it home I know that feeling Dorothy (Brrtt)

Uh-Uh and it's just the reality of what's going on in my city
You got kids 9, 10, 11, 12 toting glocks the system got us fucked up

Had to leave my city For that bag and I'm still the same (For Real)
All those niggas I put in my songs yeah that still Gang (Gang)
I Still pop percs and it still work and I don't feel pain (Numb As Fuck)
Blue around my neck that's still the set bitch I still bang (Neighborhood)
Heard the block is hot they want my top and I still came (For Real)
Still work that corner, My circle smaller cause Abel got killed by Cain
I lost niggas to the system How they caught em slipping (R.I.P)
Won't speak on that nigga you sent for my head that boy still missing
I walk around with my eyes close cus I done seen it all (Seen It All)
They wondering why I'm always hungry some nights I ain't eat at all (Eat At All)
I ain't sleep at all cause you can't sleep at war (Hold On)
As a baby running shit I ain't even crawl
I'm from the jungle where it's different that shit really wicked (The Bronx)
Where everybody seen the murder but you won't find a witness
That little boy can't focus on school his moms gone get evicted
Now he on that block selling trees like everyday is Christmas (Brrtt Duhhh)

Like we crying for help but we can't say it (I Know Is Somebody Listen)
I just need you to hold on a little bit longer

Why Momma crying and kids dying shit I use to dream about (For Real)
Open my eyes to homicides I ain't dreaming now
Didn't need no gun i use my hands but I can't leave it now
If you want my head I better be dead or I gotta squeeze it now (Brrrttt Boaww)
He 17 with a dream he just wanna ball that little nigga passing the rock he think he Chris Paul
He riding around with that .09 in his lap like Santa in the mall
His momma got a needle in her a veins and his daddy behind them walls
His family said he won't be shit and he ain't tryna stall (He Ain't Tryna Stall)
He put his phone on Do Not Disturb when them demons call (Demons Calling)
They tell me remain humble don't forget the struggle (Don't Forget It)
I love my pain slept in the rain and took my baths in puddles
Silent treatment for my all my opps this glock gotta muzzle
At night I don't sleep by myself my demons wanna cuddle
Why them niggas ain't leave him alone he was home
Yeah they made him raise that .380 like his credit low (Brrttt Duhhh)

And that's the truth I pray somebody can pray for me (AlmighttyHuncho nigga)
I talk to God but I don't know if he hear me

We just ask for you to hold on a little bit longer (Brrttt Duhhh)

Writer(s): Almightty Huncho
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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