Amp Fiddler Not cover

by Amp Fiddler

Apr 14, 2019

Not Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I'm Not Chattin', not on the spot,
Not smoking pot, like it or not,
Not trying to Not tie a Knot with you,
Not missing my shot, And what not,
Verse 2
Sail hundreds of Knots and Not let you down,
I'm Not getting Active, I'm Not gonna act like a clown,
Not gonna frown, Not gonna Not be down (for you)
Verse 3
I'm Not
I'm Not, Don't let you get away
I'm Not, Don't be losing
I'm Not, Tryin' to hear her
I'm Not, Not
I'm Not, Haaaa-aaahh ha
I'm Not,
I'm Not, Not Gonna lose you
I'm Not
I'm Not
Verse 4
(Guess who) Guess who's Not comin' to dinner,
With Knot dreadlocks, Got a Knot in my pocket,
I'm Not playing, I'm Not talking if you're Not listening,
Not listening, if you're talking Not-sense,
Verse 5
Not thanks, if Not me,
Not missing my shot, baby,
She loves me she loves me Not
Verse 6
Verse 7
Not often do I decide Not talk to someone like you
Not lately, Not everyday
I'm Not gonna say Not cool thangs
To make you put a Knot on my head
Unless you take me to the day, oooh ooh
Verse 8
Verse 9
Oooooh ooooh
Oooooh ooooh
Verse 10
[Chorus: x2]

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