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We Are
by Ana

We Are Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
See the devil on the doorstep now,
My, oh my,
Telling everybody, oh, just how
To live their lives.
Sliding down the information highway,
Buying in just like a bunch of fools.
Time is ticking, and we can't go back,
My, oh my.
Verse 2
What about the world today?
What about the place that we call home?
We've never been so many,
And we've never been
So alone.
Verse 3
Keep watching from your picket fence,
You keep talking, but it makes no sense!
You say we're not responsible,
But we are.
We are.
You washed your hands,
You come out clean,
But fail to recognize the enemy's within!
You say we're not responsible,
But we are.
We are.
We are.
Verse 4
One step forward, making two steps back,
My, oh my.
Riding piggy on the bad boy's back for life.
Lining up for the grand illusion,
No answers for no questions asked.
Lining up for the execution,
Without knowing why.
Verse 5
It's all about power,
By taking control,
Breaking the will,
And raping the soul.
They suck us dry 'till there's nothing left,
My, oh my.
My, oh my.
Verse 6
So alone
Keep watching from your picket fence!
Verse 7
We are, we are, we are, we are.
(it's all about power by taking control)
We are, we are (it's all about power)
Verse 8
It's all about power, by taking control.

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