André Verchuren Mademoiselle De Paris - Valse cover

Mademoiselle De Paris - Valse
by André Verchuren

Mademoiselle De Paris - Valse Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Oh la la, there's Mademoiselle de Paree
Light of heart, fancy free
She's the spirit of Spring in Paris
Verse 2
When you stroll down the Rue de la Paix
On a beautiful morning in May
It is heaven on earth, you'll agree
Just to meet Mademoiselle de Paree
Verse 3
She's got a style, famous in town
Even her smile goes with her gown
Bonjour Mademoiselle, bon appetit
Comme tu es belle, that means you're sweet
Verse 4
She's so chic and adorable
No one thinks it deplorable
When men all turn around just to see
Mademoiselle de Paree
Verse 5
You bet girls get a kick from her
Learn each cute little trick from her
In their hearts they would all like to be
Mademoiselle de Paree
Verse 6
Light of heart, fancy free
She's the spirit of Spring in Paris
Verse 7
She has clothes with a zing to 'em
She's got curves and they cling to 'em
Sheer silk stockings and shoes number three
Mademoiselle de Paree
Verse 8
When she frowns there's disdain in it
But her smile has champagne in it
She breaks hearts and collects the debris
Mademoiselle de Paree
Verse 9
Oh, la la
Ah, oui oui
So you better look out in Paree
Verse 10
What a style and that smile
I walk a mile, just to see
Mademoiselle de Paree
She's the one girl for me
Mademoiselle de Paree

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