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Poor, Poor Joseph
by , London Palladium Cast Recording & Michael Dixon
Lyrics and Meaning

January 1, 2007

Poor, Poor Joseph Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Verse 2
Next day, far from home,
The brothers planned the repulsive crime
Verse 3
Let us grab him now,
Do him in, while weave got the time
Verse 4
This they did and made the most of it
Tore his coat and flung him in pit
Verse 5
Let us leave him here,
All alone, and he's bound to die
Verse 6
When some Ishmaelites,
A hairy crew, came riding by
In a flash the brothers changed their plan
Verse 7
We need cash. Let's sell him if we can
Narrator, Female Ensemble & Children
Verse 8
Poor, poor Joseph, what'cha gonna do?
Things look bad for you, hey, what'cha gonna do?
Poor, poor Joseph, what'cha gonna do?
Things look bad for you, hey, what'cha gonna do?
Verse 9
Could you use a slave,
You hairy bunch of Ishmaelites?
Young, strong, well-behaved,
Going cheap and he reads and writes
Verse 10
In a trice the dirty deal was done
Silver coins for Jacob's favourite son
Then the Ishmaelites
Galloped off with the slave in tow
Off to Egypt where Joseph was not keen to go
It wouldn't be a picnic he could tell
Verse 11
Verse 12
And I don't speak Egyptian very well
Verse 13
Joseph's brothers tore
His precious multi-coloured coat
Having ripped it up,
They next attacked a passing goat
Soon the wretched creature was no more
They dipped his coat in blood and guts and gore
Narrator, Ensemble & Children
Verse 14
Oh now brothers, how low can you stoop?
You make a sordid group, hey, how low can you stoop?
Poor, poor Joseph, sold to be a slave
Situation's grave, hey, sold to be a slave

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