Anita Baker Feel The Need cover

Feel The Need
by Anita Baker
Lyrics and Meaning

Jan 27, 1987

Feel The Need Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
You've got to feel the need in me
[Repeat x 4]
Verse 2
Alone I feel at times wondering if you're truly mine
Can't you see the tears falling from my eyes
Can't you feel the pain I feel deep inside
My heart seems to bleed when I feel the need
To hold you in my arms and you pull away
Now I may be wrong but my feelings just don't lie
About this emptiness down deep inside, that's why
Verse 3
[Chorus x 3]
Verse 4
When you're around you make me feel so good
All of my worries are far away
Then other times you feel so cold
What makes you treat me this way
Verse 5
[Chorus x 4]
Verse 6
Everybody say that I got to be a fool
I got to be crazy for lovin' you
And I'm starting to wonder if there is truth in what they say
My mind says to leave you, but my heart says I better stay
I want to feel like I'm something more than a passing though from you
I need to know that the things you say are true
I want that sweet, sweet love to fill me up inside
And let our two hearts come together for all times
Verse 7
I do not say things that I don't mean
If I do not love you I'd let you know
If I am not right for you
Won't you tell me so
Before you break my heart in two
Verse 8
[Chorus x 5]

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