Anne Hills, Tom Paxton Hold On To Me, Babe (feat. Tom Paxton) cover

Hold On To Me, Babe (feat. Tom Paxton)
by Anne Hills &

Hold On To Me, Babe (feat. Tom Paxton) Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
As my aching head is begging for a sleep that will not come
I rise and walk the morning street again
I keep wondering how you're doing and I wonder where you are
And I know I'll be all right, but I don't know when
Hold onto me, babe, wherever you may be
Hold onto me, babe, I'm with you always
There was something locked in side you like a secret burning pain
In a prison where you would not let me go
I was sure we'd find an answer, til I woke and found you gone
Now just what it was, I guess I'll never know
I keep hanging onto something, but I don't know what it is
But at least I know the sound of my own name
And I work as hard as ever and I see the same old friends
But there's something deep inside that ain't the same
repeat 1
filename[ HOLDONME

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