These Hoes cover
These Hoes cover

These Hoes Lyrics Meanings
by Apellion


These Hoes Lyrics

Break it down motherfucker

Hey girl how you doing? Wanna fuck? I'm new in
The town, no? Chewing? No? The fuck you doin hoe?
If I had a Benz I would get you naked, It all makes sense
You want those Bens, and you can't escape it
Cause you ain't nothing but a motherfucking gold digger
How many punks you do a day, I don't wanna figure
Uneducated girl mating for money, I'm not captivated
I'm just little agitated, 'cause I hate it
Lusty little slut, with a busty tits and butt
Kinda fussy but has guts, to get paid by busting nuts
I know you all bitches need an income to live
But bitch you really think I've got a fuck to give?
Bitch you can't fuck with AP
Man sick of them hoes, I guarantee that
If I ever could get a motherfucking Royce, I would hit the roads with it
Get it motherfucker? Just forget about these hoes with it

I'm getting so sick
Of these hoes and pricks
Who pay grand for a bitch
That's why they get so rich

Now to you boys
I'm tripping on some acids, I jack jackasses
So I'll jack your assets, bruh, so fast it's
Gonna be unbelievable, I'm so lovable
That's something you consider unachievable
Hey girl, let me check on yo ass, tits
I'm uncontrollable, just face this
You wanna fuck to the beat? Let me pull out my cassettes
You want the recent hits? Or you prefer the classics?
You crazy? This shit's eighty-eight BPM
You want a motherfuckin romance? Or a mouth full of my semen?
And everybody knows I'm so fucking adorable
So fucking portable, but not so affordable
Bitch you be on diet, you're getting no food
Cause I got yo fucking ass print on my hood
On my Esprit, now I'm desperate
Cuz shit this costs more than you, you guessed it

I'm getting so sick
Of these hoes and pricks
Who pay grand for a bitch
That's why they get so rich

You want my money? Aight here you go baby boo
Don't spend it all honey, or I'm gonna cut you through
And what about a weekend in malibu? I got it booked
Oh Carlsbad too? I got it my boo
Oh hi Zoey, where'd you get that Gucci bag?
Oh wow Zoey, I see you got that hoochie swag
As you can see I'm a normal human being
But sometimes I wanna die, cause of the sluts I'm seeing
I'd never slap a woman even if she deserve it
I can wait, the life will serve it for me
And that's karma bitch
Whatever she fucks with, she's gonna get it, bitch
She will never give a fuck about a no no
Girl this ain't no go go, find a real job you mofo
It ain't my fault, it's my daddy's
All he gave me was a nanny

I'm getting so sick
Of these hoes and pricks
Who pay grand for a bitch
That's why they get so rich

(Find a rich boy, you should find a rich boy)

Gimme more, gimme more, gimme more, gimme more, you bitch

Unemployed - deployed in the middle of the street
Your soul is void gotta do those evil deeds

These Hoes Are Dangerous Species

Writer(s): Apellion
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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