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What you want, girl? You can have it
Look up the stars, go 'head and grab it
What you want, girl? You can have it
Them Perkies turned me to a savage
And last night we made magic
And girl, I know, I know, I know
Let's take a trip, where would you wanna go?
Come have a sip, tryna put you on go

Just popped a pill, that shit got me in my zone
Just cracked the seal, finna be movin' slow
We gotta drill
Yeah, you already know I'm down to kill
I feel like just like Tadoe and my niggas real
My niggas, they on go, we in the field
We strapped like G.I. Joe, we in a field
We strapped like G.I. Joe
Babygirl, I need you and you know you need me
Tell me what you wanna do, tryna come and see me
We can go hop in the coupe, we can go hop in the Jeep
I'd do anything for you 'cause you do anything for me

Baby, how you doin'? Yeah
Just wanna see what you doin', yeah
That other nigga losin', yeah
In my i8, just cruisin', yeah
That lil' bitch choosin', yeah
Wanna fuck with me 'cause you be foolin'
With my Bloods boolin'
Tesla S so fast, that bitch be zoomin'
Forgot to text you back, girl, I was snoozin'
You got my heart racing, yeah it's movin'
Just gotta get this off my chest, babygirl, I'm nothin' like the rest
You better than my ex, I'm better than your ex
And I'm better than your next, I'm tatted on my neck
And you tatted on your wrist, we know you the shit
Yeah, you know you the shit

Writer(s): Benjamin Phillips Jr
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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