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by Ayceeonethirty


Donald Lyrics

Everywhere I go I got a bottle
I ain't really worried bout tomorrow, yeah
I done made a livin on the bottom, yeah
Leaves fallin all around me like autumn, yeah
Winnin with the words, that's boggle
I done went and fucked a couple models
Everywhere I go I got a bottle, yeah
Rollin up the orange, that's Donald, yeah
Everywhere I go I got a bottle, wrist break pullin back on the throttle
Y'all some damn clowns out actin like Ronald
Y'all done hit the big head cheat, got the bobble
You just write fake shit homie like the Bible
Anyone can get it, go Shroud with the rifle
You are not G.O.A.T. god damn you in denial
Smokin that rope, Ben Frank, Green Mile, yeah, unh

I get all wasted with Bill, start wandering around through the Ville
I just cough, facing to feel, off dazed in the field, hair split Cruella Deville
Only one finger for the cops, start pointing at my crotch like Triple H, tell em eat cock
Fuckin drum mag on a hot pink glock popped off in a rhythm like I'm trying to beatbox
Bitch dumb as Meatwad but she fine like Scarlet
Saturn Gang roll up into Charlotte, get the bars lit
Yeah I got the Woods on fire like it's arson
Propane gas motherfucka that's Arlen, yeah
They don't want smoke like work do randoms
We could let it burst, yeah I don't want no ransom
I been Bender drunk with bricks up in the trunk
Was mixin Benadryl with rum to get a buzz, yeah, unh
Yeah, foggin and fumin, throw up your horns and represent, yeah, unh
Yeah, I am not human, I am part demon Devil Jin, yeah
Smoke in my hat got me squintin, I done burned holes in my jacket, unh, yeah
I feel like rap is my mission, I'll do this shit from my casket, unh, yeah
Cigarette lit like I'm Johnny Cash
We was rollin round in Ronnie's Pontiac
Need them Hefty's homie, that's them giant bags
In the Druff they won't know where your body's at
Bitch I'm stackin, know it's madness, So I keep movin on to new grounds
Bitches babblin, Don't even ask em to hit after Dylan rollin, passin boom around, yeah
I got that smoke like it's MK, I'm tryin to get through a tense day
Ash has been turnin my hands gray, flamin like Entei
Dab like I'm bowin to sensei, flip it like Lince
Sicker than SARS, yeah, Nemesis huntin the S.T.A.R.S
This that tuberculosis, I'll be rich and hopeless
Probably overdose and crash my fuckin Lotus, yeah, unh

Everywhere I go I got a bottle
I ain't really worried bout tomorrow
Kick her out the door, she don't swallow
Rollin up the orange, that's Donald

Writer(s): Anthony Lida
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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