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Stones in the Road
by Azzurro
Lyrics and Meaning

Oct 12, 1994

Stones in the Road Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
When we were young we pledged allegiance
Every morning of our lives
The classroom rang with children's voices
Under teacher's watchful eye
We learned about the world around us
At our desks and at dinner time
Reminded of the starving children
We cleaned our plates with guilty minds
Verse 2
And the stones in the road
Shone like diamonds in the dust
And then a voice called to us
To make our way back home
Verse 3
When I was ten my father held me
On his shoulders above the crowd
To see a train draped in mourning
Pass slowly through our town
His widow kneeled with all their children
At the sacred burial ground
And the TV glowed that long hot summer
With all the cities burning down
Verse 4
And the stones in the road
Flew out beneath our bicycle tires
Worlds removed from all those fires
As we raced each other home
Verse 5
And now we drink our coffee on the run
We climb that ladder rung by rung
We are the daughters and the sons
And here's the line that's missing
The starving children have been replaced
By souls out on the street
We give a dollar when we pass
And hope our eyes don't meet
We pencil in we cancel out
We crave the corner suite
We kiss your ass, we make you hold
We doctor the receipt
Verse 6
And the stones in the road
They fly out from beneath our wheels
Another day, another deal
Before we get back home
Verse 7
Stones in the road
Leave a mark whence they came
A thousands points of light or shame
Baby, I don't know

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7 Thoughts and Song Meanings

I definitely agree! It takes all of those individuals to either inspire, encourage, and impact our life. Now I feel like we are so concerned with ourselves that we dont look or worry about other people around us. This is definitely a terrible thing considering children are so selfish now that they do not have a care in the world about others around them which reflects in the classroom. - Comment by Forshee50 1 year ago
I like how you said that "the stones in the road are all the things that hinde us." I did not see it this way until you pointed it out. I also agree with how you said we learn outside the classroom as well. Many people believe the only learning that children are exposed to is at school, they refuse to believe children learn much from the outside environment. - Comment by Hbrannon 1 year ago
This song to me means that like a stone in the road, many will go unnoticed. But, every once in a while, there will be a stone that catches your eye; like a diamond in the rough. Whether you stop to admire this stone or even take it with you is up to you. As a teacher, we come across some students that are diamonds in the rough. They come from low-income families & other hardships. But, they manage to prevail. Just like a diamond in the rough. But, there will be oridinary children that will be bypassed on the way, flying from under the wheels of our bicycles. The journey of a teacher is one that is always interesting. You never know what type of stone you'll stumble upon. - Comment by jaybay071196 1 year ago
I find it so interesting how two people can listen to the same song and get completely different ideas from it. I love that you listened to this song and thought about how you can strive to create a classroom environment that positively affects students and will provide them with an opportunity for success. - Comment by punkinbrit3 1 year ago
I agree. In the past, the classrooms weren't as diverse. But, today it is necessary for the teacher to understand diversity; as well as, ensuring that the students do. The teacher must also do her job to help each student realize that they do have the power to excel and overcome. I agree with everything you said.!! - Comment by jaybay071196 1 year ago
I agree completely. Teaching students about diversity should be throughout each lesson we teach. We can incorporate diversity in every day teachings such as authors of books we choose, history lessons, and so on. If we do not teach them, they may never learn to see others thoughts and aspects on life in general. - Comment by AJRyan 1 year ago
The stones in the roads are like our students. At first they are like diamonds to us, but with some later just become stones in the road on our career path. As the song says they can just fly out from under our wheels in our pursuit to climb the ladder or get the corner office. These stones always leave their mark in us and us on them. Whether they are marks of light or marks of shame are up to us. - Comment by Crwilliams10s 2 years ago
This song to me means that children are like stones in the path and makes me think that as children grow up they lose their happeness and start to fade away like stones in the path. The stones are also like children leaving their mark like the song states. - Comment by Lexirauls 2 years ago
This song made me feel that children and adults view the world of education differently. As a child we do not understand the hectic style of life we will have as an adult or that our education is paving our road to success. As we grow older, we are able to understand that the education we received as children was the base of all our dreams and what we may become. The children who do not receive the education they need may grow to be the less fortunate individuals of our society as adults. - Comment by lindsay.jetton 2 years ago
I've always believed that learning begins in the home. This song to me shows how the family is changing. Children aren't discussing what they learned, world events, and such at the dinner table like before. Parents are too busy with work and pressure with the next step of their career to slow down and spend quality time with their children. Without base knowledge and help from the home more pressure is being put on educators. These educators are also under pressure to get results needed and not spend the time listening to what their students need. - Comment by MrsMercer09 2 years ago
It shows that children are always learning through every opportunity and situation. As the song goes on it shows how these opportunities and situations shape us into the adults that we become. - Comment by NNBurlison 2 years ago
As teachers we teach things to our students and as adults it means something different for us than it does for the students. As the students grow up they begin to see the different meaning of the things they were taught in school such as sharing. In school they share with their friends but as adults we rarely share. Most of the time if we see someone needing help on the side of the road or money we just drive past and do not take our own advice and lesson on sharing. - Comment by Remurphy1s 2 years ago

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