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Please knock soft, he's asleep at last
Won't ask you to be irrational
Release me to greener pastures
Beneath me to please a master
To keep peace precedes disaster
Backwards, each defeat seems the last one
Retreatin back to the bastion
We need a plan of attack
Now I know the crime don't fit the punishment
But I won't advise kindness, must insist
We exemplify violence; bud to nip
And it's high time we did this unassisted (Look out!)
Muzzle lights up from the mischief
Other side can't define what the trick is
Identified the culprit at the issues root
Have to assume bad news: it's you
Not like you're out here bouncin checks
You're tryna handle loss and without direction
When the time to sow arrives, don't object
Just affix the albatross round that neck and chin up!
Take two of these, call me in the morning (Chin up!)
Make sure they come without warning
Drug gut sucker punch
Loved, but something's up
Ends well, but the means remain important

Short by a dollar, got there a day late
More tries, more shots, more stay late
Brought up with the daughter of a phalanx
Mayday once you see the fail-safe break
Failed state decays amid safe spaces
Maintain the faith in these blank pages
Pencils down, hope you passed the test
SOL if you have any questions

Writer(s): Alex Larrabee
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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