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Gonna Make It
by Banks & Steelz
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Verse 1
The dramatic achievements in space which have occurred in recent weeks
Should have made clear to us all
As did Sputnik in 1957
The impact of this invention in the minds of men everywhere
Who are attempting to make a determination
Of which road they should take
Verse 2
A captain inspires
Thats's what they always say
I'm gonna make it someday
Reach for the skies
Let the trees fall as they ay
I'm gonna make it someday
Oh oh
Mmm mmm
I'm gonna make it someday
Free from disguise
That's how I kiss my prey
I know I'll make it someday
Verse 3
Dangerous weapons
Proceed at your own discretion
There's no time for panic or emergency exits
Words surge, burn like electrical antiseptic on you germs
There's no chance for paramedics
This is Asiatic (?) Krishna, Vishnu
Rule the black bishop over the world like a guided missile
We shall overcome over drums
No one knows when the winter time comes
Fallout (?) dope killa bee (?)
Fresh brewski from distillery
(?) cheerio cereal
If you like the lake full of (?)
Deliver your mind, strive immaterial
Substance associated to weakness to the inferior
Trust in this poison that's been pushed through the stereo
Lusting for success, yes
Never getting blessed, no
Because they're unwilling to fulfill the spiritual
Verse 4
Its a jungle of lies
I know how to clear my way
I'm gonna make it someday
Verse 5
Seep like the violet they're chosen like (?)
The stone in the ocean and peace (?)
You are known there
Very known, very known
Verse 6
Seep like the violet they're chosen like (?)
The stone in the ocean and peace (?)
You are known there
Very known, very known
Verse 7
Trapped inside the schism of capitalism
Baptism, fascism, terrorism
Knowing that all these -isms are just another prism
Another prison
Designed to smother vision
How can a child survive inside this world without his mother's wisdom
For heaven's sake, I've been trapped in a pit of snakes
Trying to speed ball through my life
Then I hit the brakes
Made a right at the light
Come to learn
That the light expels the darkness
(?) like softness, absorbs the heartless
Are you Kennedy, Malcolm X, or Marcus
(?) or (?) is a black caucus
He said listen I could be (?)
And I'll be that way until my (?) are exhausted
He trusted on the cross
Kissing on the Bible
Then he took and tossed it
Its like a bad habit
Dagnamit he lost it
The illusion of luxury, men cannot afford it
Verse 8
Reach for the skies, its a free fall all the way
I'm gonna make it someday
Mmm mmm mmm
I'm gonna make it someday
Verse 9
All those anti-depressants
No substance, no wisdom
They're lacking their essence
Sex dressing, quickly undressing
Not knowing that their fortune is ruled by the present
Don't know their lessons
Don't bear witness to God while life is evidence
They'd rather risk their lives for those old dead presidents
And live in strife in the concrete settlement
Never realizing that man means intelligence
Used to be so relevant
Knowledge is relevant
(?) is benevolent but don't be malevolent
To those who try to teach you the truth a (?) you testaments
Become the civilized and rise to pure excellence
Verse 10
Seep like the violet they're chosen like (?)
The stone in the ocean and peace (?)
You are known there
Very known, very known

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