Barbara Wilson, Nate Dogg She's Strange cover

She's Strange
by Barbara Wilson &
Lyrics and Meaning

Dec 2, 1998

She's Strange Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I've been lookin' for a girl
Someone to share my world
For maybe just a day or two
You've been actin' so stingy
I know you want to' see
If I can do the things you heard
Verse 2
Actually I'd rather be out with my girls and weed
I guess that goes go to show you don't know me boy
If you really want to creep
Then talk to me with cheese
Or just don't even talk at all
Verse 0
She's strange and I like it
Girl when your walk you don't know what you do to me
I got game
So don't fight it
All around the world she's just a sexy girl
Verse 3
You be actin' like you cool
Like you don't want to do
The things I know you want to do
Verse 4
Are you tryin' to come up
Or maybe just get fucked
Verse 5
Whatever girl I'm down like you
Verse 6
If you wasn't so damn cute
I wouldn't even shoot
Verse 7
But yet you choose to shoot me down
Actually it's time I leave
You're girl is jockin' me
I hope she's not another tease
Verse 8
Listen here I'd like to know
Why you keep actin' strange
I got no time to chase a hoe
But I'd like to know your name
All I got is game to give
And it's gonna' be cryin' shame
If you choose to disregard
And pass up on this game
Verse 9

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