Foot On The Gas
Foot On The Gas

BCA Ealey, B.C.A Mike, BankBoi Najee, Deshun - Foot On The Gas Lyrics

Sep 27, 2021

Foot On The Gas Lyrics

Lil Bitch
Foot on the gas
And I bet i won't crash

I jump in the foreign my foot on the gas
Im swerving this bitch but i bet i won't crash
I'm balling like Steve but my last name ain't Nash
Cause im all about cheese and I'm loving that cash
Glock wit a beam yea you know it's gone blow
And I'm up for no reason we upping the score
Send the cash app I bet my young niggas gone go
Cause you niggas be bitches you niggas be hoes
I'm clutching that 30 stepback and I'm feeling like curry
And that Glock yea it's clean but it's gone do you dirty
Man you come to the trap get a 40 for 30
And im killing ya bitch got arrested for murder
You play wit the gang and you gone get a Halo
Wake up to a 3.5 just to see how my day go
And my niggas gone ride they just waiting on my say so
They gone heat up some shit turn ya body to play dough
You niggas be bitches bag chasers the gang
We gone slide on yo block and slide where you hang
Ian gone post on the gram and I won't say a thang
Cause them bullets gone talk and them bitches gone sang
And im tossing the pack like my first name was Patty
Or I get that shit gone by myself Lamar Jackson
And this shit that rapping i swear ain't no capping
Cause I'm straight from the sip yea I'm straight outta Jackson

Straight outta Jackson
These bitches be fucking these niggas be cappin
32 In my clip so you know I'm not lacking
We catch em down bad and we up and we clap em
Won't eat til up you'll think that I'm fasting

Everything that I make ima make it classic
Hollow tips in my clips fuck full metal jackets
32 In my clip like I'm magic
Take a trip to Milwaukee I'm chasing a bag
I feel like I'm Giannis I'm all bout a buck

Im fucking a thick bitch you know that she bad
Don't won't no relations I just wanna fuck
I'm smoking that ZA and you smoking that gas
I'm smoking that shit that gone leave yo ass stuck
Nigga run up on me ima do his ass bad
Up this bitch off my hip and you know ima buss

I can't trust a nigga i can't trust a bitch
I pray to god i ain't gotta put one under
If the topic ain't money yeen talking bout shit
Ian discussing shit if aint bout commas
We come spend on yo block and let off bout a hunnid
Tell them double back aye we gotta runner
Stupid bitch steady calling my phone told ha
Leave me alone fucked around got a whole new number
We chasing a bag we chasing them racks
Lil nigga the fuck is you talking bout
Man them folks put me last my foot on the gas
Zoom pass em like fuck is you talking bout
On these lil niggas ass now they getting mad
They see how young nigga popping out
But I still ain't stunnin shit that they talking bout
Lil nigga the fuck is you talking bout

Foot On The Gas
Foot On The Gas
And I bet i won't crash
I bet i won't crash
Foot On The Gas
Foot On The Gas
And I bet i won't crash
I bet i won't crash

Writer(s): Deshun Samuel, Juwan Ealey, Michael McGee, Najee Simon
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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