Paid in Advance

Paid in Advance Lyrics Meanings
by Bebeboy


Paid in Advance Lyrics

Look at my chain, what is my life?
Look at my watch, look at my shoes (Skrrt)
What is my life?
Dis shit a movie, dis shit a movie
Dis shit a, look

I got it good, it could be better (Better)
I get it wet, could get it wetter (Wetter)
Gotta stay up, and keep up the effort
Always want more, I never settle (Aye)
Stress level high (Gas)
Thats why I get high (Trust me)
Nothing get passed me, don't let it slide
Delivery clean (Squeaky), I put it in tide
She told me to cum, I said "not inside" (Ou)
Gotta expose, fuck all you hoes
This shit is juicy, and its time to do me
And y'all pray I lose it all
But I pray that I never lose it
Yeah real talk I stay prayed up
Ironic cause' I got some nigga's who wouldn't think twice about leaving you sprayed up (Ou)
Shots are anonymous
Gotta get better at taking these compliments nigga
Anything you doing, I do the opposite nigga
And thats on purpose
Got no curfew, got on ugh

Look at my chain, what is my life? (Look it)
Look at my watch (Frio), look at my shoes (Skrrt)
What is my life?
Dis shit a movie, dis shit a movie
Dis shit a, look

When I finish recording this mixtape, advance money (Money,money)
Big bands money, big plans hummie
Big bag hummie, big tags hummie
And thats no sweat, I work it out like it's bowflex
You know I get the bidness
I never get it twisted
I get hit like "Let's build I got a vision" (Oh please)
I'm putting on a clinic for you mans who think I'm kidding
Turn a good girl to a gymnast
I be workin' on her fitness
Give her more than 30 minutes ou damn
She, just can't get enough
I make all decisions tough
I belong to everyone
Think I said a bit too much
Feel like I'm a prodigy and people try and copy me
No one does it quite like me
No one does it properly (Uh huh)
Look at my earrings (Thats loud), I just can't hear you
Tomorrow a new day, tomorrow I'll get paid
I don't just say these things
Look at my gold ring (Look at it)
Things that I work for, are things you should work for

Writer(s): Ricardo Cortez
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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