SOLIDARITY Lyrics Meanings
by Ben410



Cooking shit up everyday, my nigga ain't no time to waste
Jake's they play in front my face, so I still ain't got nun2say

Struggle with it everyday but niggas think I got it made
Still underrated, underplayed but niggas recognize my weight

I'm sitting on this bag, I might save it for a rainy day
I got a hoe with hella cake, dance on the dick no renegade

I call my brother up, yea I call the one with sturdy aim
He told me if it's static or it's smoke he sliding any day

Niggas riding any day, pull up firing bombs away
Still tired of sitting on this bag, a nigga want more icy bling

Icy bling or icy chains
Want a feature? Prices changed
No amount of money in the world could ever ease the pain

I roll another leaf, fill it with herb and take it to the face
Then momentarily in solidarity I'm feeling great

I fuck her, shordy wobbling, would think she walking up the crates
Every beat I get on ate, I'm starving tho, eat niggas plates

Bitches feel a vibe with me that they could never recreate
I tell that bitch I love her with the biggest smile on my face
I know I'm selling dreams bitch but I could never love again
That was like four years ago, I grew but still ain't trusting it

Tryn' skrt off in that cullinan, scream motherfuck the government
With shordy topping in the back, 'nother rolling and cutting it

Niggas think they rappers or they artists but ain't cutting it
Paying for promotion got him popping, who be bumping it?
The fuck

New balenciaga tracksuit
My words stick to 'em, etched in 'em like a tattoo

Got that nigga mad me and his bitch came out the bathroom
Got out the pussy sober finna roll another bamboo

Shit ain't what it seems my nigga, we getting lied to
Niggas want validation and attention more than hoes do

I can't be no internet nigga I ain't supposed to
Take pictures with they hand on the trigger but they ain't gon' shoot

They ain't gon' shoot
The bigger niggas get is the higher chance they betray you
Nigga make the money never let the money make you
I'm lazy off the drugs, she want me fuck her when I come to

I really know the real, pray it's a dream and that I come to
I'm living with the voices in my head but it ain't nothing new
This shit ain't nothing new nigga

Writer(s): BEN 410
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind


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