Dust Lyrics Meanings
by Benjamin Rees


Dust Lyrics

Cautious of all of this evil
Conscious know's that I must live
Nauseous from all of these people
Obnoxious determined to stick around
Look around
If you can't see what I'm seein your blind
Agreeing that being this free is a sign
That woke up our asses
These ashes to ashes
Never in a casket the passion is lined
Inside of us all
For family I'm glad that we all have this trust
Dust to dust
It can be really rough
But you are a soldier I know that your tough
Takin a hit
I'll always be writing about some real shit
I'm gonna be killin em all with the symbols and there is gonna be critical damage
I just keep writing because I am flexible this is not difficult it is just typical for me to be this savage
Might have the advantage
The upper hand has created a challenge
But that's okay
Weve all got a different style to play around with and lay down
A track that might sound
Original, creating a visual
Start local
Let the vocal hit hard
With this beat we can be globally
Recognized and leave scars
Step aside
Cause Becky died
Before she was ready
I accidentally hit her with my ride
Got her
A sip of water
Hoping the blood would start to clot her wound
Stop it soon
Rapping new
Content thats
What I do
And I just gotta move
With the years
Comin up like Amazon
Don't plan on havin 20 sons
That dont know me

Roll with this rhythm
Little bit of WilhelmGs vision
Is making the systems persicion Start to miss n I think my Wisdom is bout to be kicking In
I'm whippin up a new religion in my kitchen and you need a Bite
Munch on it every night
Stuck on this BR high
Your all about your ride
N Im about to take my flight
Don't write what I wrote
My eyesight is to woke
For average Joes
You Just got soaked
And its rough
Get to close you might just
Get turned into

Writer(s): Benjamin MacDonald
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Dust Meanings

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