Two Lyrics Meanings
by Benji Navel


Two Lyrics

Bounce that money just like a pogo
Switch my trades like a box logo
Give him treats like his name Rolo
Shoot your shot just like Han Solo

Candlestick, the twelfth brick, Nintendo switch
Wrath of the lich in Ipswich with a ice pick

Chipped nail paint like a lemon brake but wait there's a version of you that is always late

Crack your skull with a baseball bat
Place the poison like a city rat
Tie you to the railroad tracks, don't stop laughing till your bones are snapped

Cut the brakelines on your bike
Spear your heart just like the Pike
Triple threat the wheels on a trike
Push rocks down while on a hike

Set fire to a neighbors farm
Move all the creatures out of harm
Watch the flame engulf the barn
Threat Level Midnight with Michael Scarn

Smash all your vases in their expensive cases with rusted leg braces and your tied together shoelaces

Crash the tour bus of every band
Impale their windshield with a mic stand
In every city across the land
From the city sidewalks to beaches sand

What is causing me all this pain
Is it this permanent chronic migraine
Or the tendency to idolize bane and love the way he destroys batmane

Put cyanide in the water supply
Shoot fireworks into the sky
All the townspeople cry
"Why Benji why?!"

There's two Benjis around
Both of them will show you how
To put a slit in your eyebrow
To earn your spots just like a cow
It's out of your control NOW

Writer(s): Benji Navel
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Two Meanings

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