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Magnificent, AP.9 My Life cover

My Life
by (Feat. & )

May 10, 2005

My Life Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Yeah this young Mess man, tulf politickin'
Understand, Out here in the concrete jungle
Young gorillas
Man war time man
With military mind state
AP.9, In stores now go get that man
Steady Mobbin' Productions
You know my boy Mike Mosley nigga
Verse 2
When I shoot I don't shoot to hit
I shoot to kill
When I do you know I do it for mills
And that's for real
I'm signin', icing
Drivin' wit no license
Niggas wasn't livin' right
On heads I'm puttin' prices, huh
It's funny how niggas they want some money
But niggas don't want to get they hands bloody
And it's funny
It's funny how niggas is dummies
Snortin' hop, now we bleedin' on his buddy
Importin' the glocks, workin' the clock
Cookin' the cream
Twirkin' the beam
Now I'm fuckin' your team
They workin' for me
I never seen a nigga workin' for free
But now that I have, I got a ho to a slab of them keys
It's me AP
That first letter
Thar sixteenth letter
That ninth number
In the Sco in a white hummer
You might wonder how we came up on the under

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